Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas That Will Be Huge in 2017

Having a small kitchen isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a homeowner. Instead of longing for a more spacious cooking space, you can actually make the most out of what you have. In the past years, many homeowners have come forward to make their small kitchen spaces appear glamorous, more spaciously and definitely attractive. 2017 is no exception. Homeowners will get out of their way to embrace insightful small kitchen remodeling ideas. Just to ensure you are not left out, we have a list of trendy small kitchen ideas that will dominate 2017.

Small Kitchen Remodeling
Small Kitchen Remodeling

Glass Cabinets

Solid cabinets tend to make the kitchen look compact and stuffed. Glass front, on the other hand, lightens the look of the cabinetry. They definitely allow your eyes to move through to the inner depths of the kitchen cabinetry. In effect, the kitchen appears more expensive. Most homeowners who have realized this seem not to be taking any chances. Just be sure not to clutter the interior of such cabinets with all sorts of cutlery and utensils. You might end up ruining the entire mission.

Uniform wall and cabinet paints

There is nothing wrong with adorning your small kitchen in different shades. However, certain color blends seem to create visual boundaries, making smaller spaces appear even smaller. For your limited kitchen space, you need pale colors that will reflect light and make the kitchen feel bigger. That’s not all, however. Having such shades on both the wall and cabinets will work perfectly well for your space. In 2017, we expect more homeowners in Virginia to adopt this trend. You don’t have to be left out.

Small footprint furniture

Homeowners have come to realize that remodeling smaller kitchens is not all about changing the designs and altering the layouts. You can actually make the room feel more spacious by investing in slim chairs and streamlined stools. Furniture with thick bases and chunky legs tend to add visual bulk to smaller spaces. In the end, it might seem like your kitchen is smaller than it actually is. Take advantage of petite islands alongside narrow tables. They will save you substantial floor space, which you can use of for other things.

Recessed storage design

For a small kitchen, storage space can be a major issue. Many homeowners are now coming forward to solve this menace differently. Think of putting together cabinets flush and shelving with the wall. It is a simple matter retrofitting recessed space. This trend will dominate smaller renovation of the smaller kitchen this year.  With the help of kitchen remodeling experts, you can actually turn this idea into a lasting solution to your small kitchen problem.

Essentially, you do not need a bigger kitchen space to feel comfortable. In 2017, you can make the limited kitchen space you have something worth talking about. All you need to do is to embrace insightful small kitchen ideas. EA Home Design experts can actually make the process easier by helping you with other design inspirations for smaller kitchens.

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Stylish Modern Bathroom Design Tips

Just like the other parts of your house, your bathroom deserves to stay in the perfect condition. Latest design trends aren’t just for the living room or the kitchen. You need to feel rejuvenated every time you step inside your bathroom. What are some of the trendy bathroom design ideas in 2017? What should you avoid? We have a couple of tips for you!

Natural is trendy

Most homeowners now prefer to draw bathroom renovation ideas from nature. A bathroom space adorned in natural beauty is undoubtedly serene and welcoming. There is no better way of warming a hard bathing space than welcoming the presence of nature. One easier way of incorporating this high flying bathroom design trend is through the introduction of earthy materials such as wood-look tiles and natural stones. Go out of your way and look for a walnut plunk feature. Make your bathroom even more natural by investing in the onyx counter top. You will love the look and anyone who steps inside your bathroom too.

Open Plan Master Suite

For most people, the bathroom is tucked away, probably hidden at the far end corner of your master bedroom. If this is the case with you, it is time to try something new. Modern master bathrooms are now connected to the bedroom and even the closets. Lying on your bed after a long day, you will be able to admire the custom vanity, beautiful basins, and freestanding baths. Another common feature of this trend encompasses the use of bigger sliding doors as opposed to the back and forth versions.

User-Friendly Showers

Homeowners are steadily saying bye to the old showers and ushering more sophisticated but better-suited shower versions. The coming of fixtures such as touch screen showers and thermostatic mixers have the changed the face of showering. In the collection, they give the user more control over the flow of water and even the temperature. If your bathroom features double showers, it is even better because two people can use the showers at the same time with each person having his own individual setting. There is also the other option of one mixer-controlling multiple. The result is efficiency and better user experience.

Custom Vanities

Homeowners now want something beyond the mass produced vanities. Instead, they are out to look for custom vanities, reflecting their personalities. In many modern bathrooms, you will find floating vanities, specially designed to suit the aesthetics of the homeowner. Such vanities come with enough storage space with added illusion of spaciousness. Another trend that is commonly incorporated in this is the smart door technology where cabinet doors automatically move up and out of the way.

Ideally, it is possible to achieve almost anything with your bathroom. It all depends on what you want. It becomes even better when you are able to infuse the most recent bathroom remodeling trends into your private room. Upgrade your bathroom today and appreciate every minute spent in within. For more modern bathroom design inspirations, feel free to get in touch with EA Home Design professionals.

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Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid in Ashburn, VA

With this article, we would like to draw your attention to the most common mistakes that you can make to the selection and arrangement of the kitchen, and how to avoid them. One of the most important elements of any kitchen is a work space. This is the place where you wash, cut and chop, cook meals and save yourself and loved ones, and so it is extremely important that the area, in addition to satisfying aesthetic criteria, and be practical. If you really want to enjoy cooking, width, thickness, height, style and color of the working surface, but also a selection of lighting and sinks are details that you must pay special attention to.

Except that you should always take care to choose quality kitchen items that will withstand the countless opening and closing because it’s always cheaper in the long run, here are a few rules that kitchen designers shared.

DO: Enter the elements that are fun and creative

DO NOT: Do not be boring

Top kitchens have ‘soul,’ are warm, inviting and personal. Each project is a chance to do something new and creative. It’s not just kitchen cabinets and work surfaces – important to the whole premises. Play around with the details.

DO: Lift kitchen elements up to the ceiling

DO NOT: Kitchen element down too low

If they are down too low, they just collect dust and creates a space for your to accumulate of unnecessary things. In addition, if they are up to the ceiling, you will have more space to store things.

DO: Learn when to stop

DO NOT: Do not overdo it

It drives everyone mad when we see the over designing kitchen. Know when you need to stand for a real challenge and thoroughly clean your kitchen.

DO: Riverbed elements to cover appliances

DO NOT: Overdo with appliances with color metal

Details of colored metals can be delightful. However, as with any good order, it should be the with the measure. Too many of such details in the kitchen will make it uneven and small. In particular, watch out for the giant stainless steel refrigerator. If not properly fitted, the rest of the kitchen can be easily throw in the shade.

DO: Little kitchen, turn in your favor

DO NOT: To think that the greater is always better

Well equipped kitchen with quality materials and carefully thought-out details can make even the smallest kitchen area perfect.

DO: Get an impression of lightness

DO NOT: Overdo the elements and clutter the walls

Is there rarely need the whole room to be filled with elements. A good solution is to achieve a balance between storage space, functionality, and aesthetics.

DO: Let the counter be next to the oven

DO NOT: Set the oven as a separate entity

Where do you take out the casserole from the oven? Ensure that you have enough workspace around the oven.

We hope we managed to help you avoid remodeling mistakes with kitchen remodeling so you can remodel your kitchen the way it suits you the most.