Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas That Will Be Huge in 2017

Having a small kitchen isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a homeowner. Instead of longing for a more spacious cooking space, you can actually make the most out of what you have. In the past years, many homeowners have come forward to make their small kitchen spaces appear glamorous, more spaciously and definitely attractive. 2017 is no exception. Homeowners will get out of their way to embrace insightful small kitchen remodeling ideas. Just to ensure you are not left out, we have a list of trendy small kitchen ideas that will dominate 2017.

Small Kitchen Remodeling
Small Kitchen Remodeling

Glass Cabinets

Solid cabinets tend to make the kitchen look compact and stuffed. Glass front, on the other hand, lightens the look of the cabinetry. They definitely allow your eyes to move through to the inner depths of the kitchen cabinetry. In effect, the kitchen appears more expensive. Most homeowners who have realized this seem not to be taking any chances. Just be sure not to clutter the interior of such cabinets with all sorts of cutlery and utensils. You might end up ruining the entire mission.

Uniform wall and cabinet paints

There is nothing wrong with adorning your small kitchen in different shades. However, certain color blends seem to create visual boundaries, making smaller spaces appear even smaller. For your limited kitchen space, you need pale colors that will reflect light and make the kitchen feel bigger. That’s not all, however. Having such shades on both the wall and cabinets will work perfectly well for your space. In 2017, we expect more homeowners in Virginia to adopt this trend. You don’t have to be left out.

Small footprint furniture

Homeowners have come to realize that remodeling smaller kitchens is not all about changing the designs and altering the layouts. You can actually make the room feel more spacious by investing in slim chairs and streamlined stools. Furniture with thick bases and chunky legs tend to add visual bulk to smaller spaces. In the end, it might seem like your kitchen is smaller than it actually is. Take advantage of petite islands alongside narrow tables. They will save you substantial floor space, which you can use of for other things.

Recessed storage design

For a small kitchen, storage space can be a major issue. Many homeowners are now coming forward to solve this menace differently. Think of putting together cabinets flush and shelving with the wall. It is a simple matter retrofitting recessed space. This trend will dominate smaller renovation of the smaller kitchen this year.  With the help of kitchen remodeling experts, you can actually turn this idea into a lasting solution to your small kitchen problem.

Essentially, you do not need a bigger kitchen space to feel comfortable. In 2017, you can make the limited kitchen space you have something worth talking about. All you need to do is to embrace insightful small kitchen ideas. EA Home Design experts can actually make the process easier by helping you with other design inspirations for smaller kitchens.


Best Kitchen Remodeling Northern Virginia

You have decided to renovate your kitchen, but you do not know where to start? Below we bring you advice that will help the renovation of your kitchen and create a better, more functional and more modern kitchen.

Find ideas for your kitchen

If you plan to renovate your kitchen, you must have reviewed a lot of magazines and Internet portals to find photos that will inspire you when planning your kitchen. See section ideas within our website and find lots of ideas to help you when decorating your home.

Kitchen Remodeling
Kitchen Remodeling

How much money have?

If you want to to make the entire improvement project of your kitchen not to turn into a nightmare first carefully make the financial structure?  Do not be selfish. Money should be spent on things that will not change soon.

Find a contractor

Talk to family and friends about their experiences with contractors. Look for contractors and through the Internet. Once you make a list of potential contractors, contact them and ask for offers for making your kitchen. Chose the one that gives you the best money value.

Once you have chosen the contractor, accurately define all that his work will contain and build contract to be fully confident in what you want to do so you will avoid unexpected costs.

Kitchen Elements

Look at the space and define the kitchen model that would be the best fit for you. Be sure that you can better allocate elements to make your kitchen look more modern.

Note that the sink must be placed next to, or across from the worktop and fridge, a sink, refrigerator, and oven must be close together to facilitate movement around the kitchen.

To make your kitchen look cheerful, add a multitude of lighting elements. A lot of help when fixing dinner for your guests and friends.

The choice of flooring in the kitchen

When choosing the floor, you should always have in your mind that the majority of jobs that you do in the kitchen are while you are standing up, which requires the use of materials that are easy to maintain and long-lasting.

Wood is an excellent and very warm material. Wood flooring is not recommended to use near the sink because it can reach its inflation if overly exposed to water. It is also quite awkward because it can be easily scratched.

Laminate is a great solution for users who want to save. On the market, you have the varied palette of colors and textures. Some people do not like the irritating sound that occurs when you move on it.

Ceramic tiles are the best solution for the kitchen for their easy maintenance. The only problem is the joints that can quickly become dirty.

Buy new items for the modern kitchen

When renovating your kitchen, you will surely spend the most of your money on kitchen cabinets. If you have to, you can save by replacing only the external front of the cabinets.

If you still decide for new items, try to contact the expert, which will make your kitchen custom.

Work Board

From whatever the material worktop is made of, it is an important aspect of your kitchen. As a material for the worktop, the most commonly used is granite which is available in various colors. When choosing a worktop select colorful materials in order to avoid any dirt on them to see.

Make the choices that are best fit for you and start working on your dream kitchen.

What to Consider Before Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodel ranks as one of the most popular remodeling trends. Being a critical aspect, bathroom remodeling deserves to be treated with the idealism. For every homeowner, gaining insights on the best tips is the way to go. What are some of essential aspects that can make or break your bathroom remodel project?


Many of us might have been brought up to imagine that bathrooms are those small dimly lit rooms. The modern bathroom is more than a washing space, so it deserves better lighting. Focus on the ceiling lighting to give your room a brighter look. You can also have two lights in the shower. Efficient bathroom lighting makes it easier to carry out routine procedures like shaving and application of makeup. Invest wisely in lighting; you will love it.

Bathroom Remodel
Bathroom Remodel

Bathtub or shower only option?

When renovating your bathroom, you need to have an idea of what works best for you. The modern bathroom gives provision for bathtub; don’t be too hard on yourself when remodeling your bathroom. If shower only turns out to be your preference, ensure you invest in the best ones. Consulting with your design experts is a key aspect when it comes to choosing the best shower designs for your master en-suite bathroom. Even more, you should be picky when it comes to shower bases. Do not settle for the traditional prefabricated shower bases. You have so much to choose from including shower systems with porcelain and acrylic bases.


You wouldn’t want to mess up when it comes to the choice of shower flooring; trust me on that. Large tiles tend to have sloping difficulties and therefore not preferable for shower flooring. Even more, they are more likely to be slipperier. Where possible, prioritize smaller tiles because they have better traction.

Redefine Shower Windows

If perfected, this can turn to be an ideal feature for the shower. As opposed to traditional designs, the bathroom window should be spacious enough to allow natural light. As usual, opt for frosted glass, which allows better privacy. You should be careful enough to ensure the window area is watertight. You can achieve this the easier way by using stone jambs. Tilt and turn windows are the best for bathrooms because they admit privacy whether or not the windows are open. Even more, think of having plastic handles for the windows. That way, you wouldn’t have to worry about rusting.

Toilet Design

The popularity of wall-hung toilets is fast rising. You do not want to be left out, trust me. As opposed to their initial prices, wall-hung toilets are now more affordable. One aspect that makes this design preferable is the simple fact that it is space conscious.

Your bathroom deserves the best look. When you finally make that life-changing decision of transforming the look of your bathroom, do it the best way by embracing these tips. At EA Home Design, you can always count on us not to do the perfect job!