bathroom remodel ideas

Stylish Modern Bathroom Design Tips

Just like the other parts of your house, your bathroom deserves to stay in the perfect condition. Latest design trends aren’t just for the living room or the kitchen. You need to feel rejuvenated every time you step inside your bathroom. What are some of the trendy bathroom design ideas in 2017? What should you avoid? We have a couple of tips for you!

Natural is trendy

Most homeowners now prefer to draw bathroom renovation ideas from nature. A bathroom space adorned in natural beauty is undoubtedly serene and welcoming. There is no better way of warming a hard bathing space than welcoming the presence of nature. One easier way of incorporating this high flying bathroom design trend is through the introduction of earthy materials such as wood-look tiles and natural stones. Go out of your way and look for a walnut plunk feature. Make your bathroom even more natural by investing in the onyx counter top. You will love the look and anyone who steps inside your bathroom too.

Open Plan Master Suite

For most people, the bathroom is tucked away, probably hidden at the far end corner of your master bedroom. If this is the case with you, it is time to try something new. Modern master bathrooms are now connected to the bedroom and even the closets. Lying on your bed after a long day, you will be able to admire the custom vanity, beautiful basins, and freestanding baths. Another common feature of this trend encompasses the use of bigger sliding doors as opposed to the back and forth versions.

User-Friendly Showers

Homeowners are steadily saying bye to the old showers and ushering more sophisticated but better-suited shower versions. The coming of fixtures such as touch screen showers and thermostatic mixers have the changed the face of showering. In the collection, they give the user more control over the flow of water and even the temperature. If your bathroom features double showers, it is even better because two people can use the showers at the same time with each person having his own individual setting. There is also the other option of one mixer-controlling multiple. The result is efficiency and better user experience.

Custom Vanities

Homeowners now want something beyond the mass produced vanities. Instead, they are out to look for custom vanities, reflecting their personalities. In many modern bathrooms, you will find floating vanities, specially designed to suit the aesthetics of the homeowner. Such vanities come with enough storage space with added illusion of spaciousness. Another trend that is commonly incorporated in this is the smart door technology where cabinet doors automatically move up and out of the way.

Ideally, it is possible to achieve almost anything with your bathroom. It all depends on what you want. It becomes even better when you are able to infuse the most recent bathroom remodeling trends into your private room. Upgrade your bathroom today and appreciate every minute spent in within. For more modern bathroom design inspirations, feel free to get in touch with EA Home Design professionals.