Finishing a Basement – 4 Things you must know

Adding to your home a few square meters of functional space is not a bad idea, right? Even if you have to sell your house, this additional feature will definitely contribute to the value of your home. That aside, you have several other reasons to renovate your basement space. If you need a good home office space, the basement should be the first place to look at. Your grown up child moving home after college is also a great motivation for remodeling your basement. Before accomplishing your mission, however, you need to factor in certain ideas.

Basement Renovation
Basement Renovation

Invest in noise control

If you want to turn your basement into a party zone or a comfortable playing area for the little ones, you need to be able to control the noise that will be coming from there. Even it is just your entertainment hub or family bar; you don’t want to affect people upstairs when having a nice time. In your renovation plans, you need to include insulation of the ceiling above the basement. You can use stone wool or fiberglass in accomplishing this depending on what you deem appropriate.

Plan for adequate headroom

It is important that you keep the basement more accessible by making plans for more headroom. For confirmations, it is necessary that you consult with your contractor. Ignoring this might spoil the fun after you are done with the renovations only to realize that your adorable is not as accommodation as you might have wanted it to be.

Invest in moisture control

According to a report by American Society of Home Inspectors, 60% of basements are wet. You do not want your basement to be part of that statistics. Before embarking on remodeling the underground space, you need to ensure it is dry. You can start by repairing damaged gutters and sealing cracks that be present in the foundation. Additional measures might include bringing in an emergency sup pump.

Purchase the right fixtures

Basement renovation is unlike upgrading other parts of the home. You need to be very careful when selecting various materials. For instance, you do not need the standard drop ceiling present in most offices. Instead, you should budget for a faux-tin ceiling. It ushers in an irresistible appeal to the basement while still providing convenience when it comes to accessing essential like wiring and plumbing systems.

When it comes to flooring, think of Thermal Dry flooring. They are not susceptible to mold infestation. Even more, they do not have rotting issues. Even more, this flooring option comes with small nubs capable of keeping small nubs enabling collected moisture to slip through to the basement drain.

Renovating your basement is a huge project. You can always make the most out of this space if you have the right plans laid out. Regardless of what you would like to turn your basement into, you need to make some important consideration before embarking on your mission. Be sure to involve professionals along the way to ensure things roll out as planned.